Black Kuhli Loach Feeding Frenzy!

I managed to get a nice video of my black kuhlis feeding!  I love feeding them because it’s the only time I’m guaranteed to see them zipping all over the aquarium.

For the video, I fed ground-up New Life Spectrum Thera+A pellets.  You can also see part of a dried shrimp near the edge of the rock pile… that’s from last night.  They nibble at it occasionally, making it a more long-term food.  They demolished this one in maybe a day or day and a half.

This video was captured on a Canon EOS Rebel T3i.  I used manual focus throughout (still learning this camera’s video functions), so at times it’s a little out of focus.  If you’re attention-span-challenged, skip to around 4:50 for some great closeups.