Hardscaping! Filtration! Woo-hoo!

After owning a 55 gallon tank — empty and dry — for over a year, I finally am making serious progress toward getting it set up… namely, I’ve got driftwood soaking!  The driftwood was an anniversary gift from my wife, and we finally got the chance to go pick it out yesterday.

Check the full post for a photo of the driftwood in the tank and to see what else is in the works…

I’ll probably have the driftwood arranged something like this:

55 gallon hardscaped

There’s also a canister filter on the way — a SunSun 3-stage filter from Amazon — and at some point within the next few days, I should get the substrate in the tank:  Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix under a cap of Black Diamond Blasting Media.  (If you hadn’t picked up on this already, I’m a firm believer in substituting DIY materials for expensive pet-store supplies.)

Needless to say, I’m very excited. I’m pre-soaking the driftwood to get rid of some of the tannins; it can soak while I’m getting the SunSun canister cycled.  It’s not floating at all, though, so no worries there.

I’m also starting (or trying to start) some Nymphaea bulbs (the kind PetSmart sells as “lily” bulbs).  I tossed them in the gammarus tank, since it’s got the same substrate I’ll be using in the 55.  If they don’t sprout, I’ll put the seller’s 30-day guarantee to the test.  If they do sprout, they’ll add some nice color around the driftwood.

Good things coming.  I can’t wait…