SunSun HW-302 Canister Filter Breakdown

The SunSun canister I mentioned in my previous post has been delivered, and I’ve had a little time to poke at it a bit.  This is my first canister, so I’m slightly out of my comfort zone here. Unlike the other “breakdown” posts I’ve made, I’m not going to offer first impressions or anything like a review in this post; I’ll set the canister up and run it for a while before I offer any opinions about pros, cons, and whatnot.  As a result, this will be a fairly short post.

Anyway, here’s a photo gallery showing the included parts:

The canister holds three media baskets (not pictured); it comes with floss pads but no other media.  I noticed at least one reviewer on another website thought the floss was “cheap”; I have no opinion about this, but if it’s true, I don’t really care.  DIY floss is cheap and easy to work with, anyway.  Before I start running the filter, I’m going to use the existing floss pads to make a cardboard template that I’ll use to cut replacement floss in the future.

There are very limited instructions in the box.  More useful is a YouTube video showing the filter being set up:

NOTE: The video is for an “AquaTop” filter, but I’ve been told multiple times that the AquaTop and Grech brand canister filters are pretty much exactly the same as the SunSun canisters.

There are a lot of parts, gadgets, and doodads included, and frankly, trying to figure out how some of them fit together is a little puzzling.  I don’t expect that a lot of the details are of life-or-death importance, though, so that’s okay.  I know that certain bits like the surface skimmer are completely optional.  I’m looking forward to setting it up (still waiting on the biomedia I ordered to arrive); when I do, I’ll be sure to take more photos and post the details.

P.S. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but my SunSun has a name.  We call him “Artoo.”