New site design, new betta, great weekend!

First, let’s get the important business out of the way:  I’d like y’all to meet my brand new betta boy, Macbeth!  He’s a bright little half-moon who might end up in my classroom at some point (hence the literary name).  He now resides in my 3-gallon Glo tank.  I’ll post more photos once I get some lighting issues worked out.

In semi-fish-related news, I spent the weekend redesigning Aylad’s Aquatics.  I found the Duena theme while searching for a new theme for my wife’s blog, and I was pretty quickly hooked on its layout and feature list.  Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

Aylad s Aquatics versions

Pretty nifty, eh?  This worked out to be a really great weekend for me:  one new fish plus one successful website project equals one happy Aylad.