Instagram Highlights

A lot of people — including me, up until a few months ago — probably write Instagram off as little more than a selfie-sharing site.  When I started Aylad’s Aquatics, though, I decided I’d give it a shot as a quick way to share fish and tank photos in a microblogging format.  To my surprise, I found that there are some really active aquarium communities active on Instagram! As a result, I’ve been using it more and more as a way to post small, quick updates.

This is all to the detriment of Aylad’s Aquatics, unfortunately.  I’ve posted some pretty good stuff on Instagram that I missed posting here… so this post is meant to highlight some of my favorite IG photos.

In the future, I’ll be sure to post photos in both places — here and on Instagram — but don’t miss the opportunity to click over to IG and see what other members have shared, too!

My very first 10-gallon setup. A collage of my original 29-gallon setup.
Driftwood for my 55 and my Chi soaking in a tub. A beautiful koi at Gibb’s Gardens.
Macbeth built a bubblenest! Nymphaea lily pads growing in my gammarus tank.