…then suddenly, cories!

This was wholly unexpected, but a shopping trip yesterday took us within easy distance of Optimum Aquarium in Kennesaw, Georgia… and if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know exactly what happened next.

That’s right.  Cories happened.  Ten peppered cories (Corydoras paleatus), to be exact.

They’re settling into the former loach tank — henceforth referred to as the “cory tank” — as their temporary quarantine home.  The filter is still cycled, so they should be healthy and comfortable in there. (I would not have bought the cories if I didn’t have a home ready for them.)  In a few weeks, they’ll move up to the 55-gallon community tank.

I’m waiting for my algae scraper to arrive in the mail before I do any serious video recording of the cories — the tank they’re in has some pretty ugly algae growing on the glass — but in the meantime, enjoy these photos from my Instagram feed and a short video montage that I took on my smartphone.

Cories in the bag!