Three-month update!

Well, nuts.  It’s been almost three months since I’ve updated, and I missed the 1-year anniversary of Aylad’s Aquatics.

I’ve been busy with work and about a ton of non-fish projects, so not much has happened in my fishroom, until today.

Let’s start with the 55-gallon:

IMG_9974 (2000x1333)

Other than the overgrown anacharis and a thriving colony of gammarus shrimp (a.k.a. "scuds") (which are, obviously, too small to show up), what has changed?  Look closely at the lower-left corner…

cories-zoomedThat’s right, there are fish in the tank!  I finally got around to moving the cories into the tank.  They’re still adjusting to their new environment, but I’m sure they’ll soon come to appreciate not being cooped up in the 10-gal tank I’d been holding them in.

I hadn’t intended for them to be the first fish in the tank — I thought I’d have at least some barbs or rasboras in there by now — but I had already kept them in their 10-gallon quarantine far longer than necessary, and it was time for an upgrade.

Here are a few photos for you — a little blurry, because they tend to stay in the shadows in this strange new world:

After I moved the cories into the 55, I moved my mystery snails into the ex-cory tank.  They are very grateful for the extra room.  Probably.

Not much else going on — I am partway through sheetrocking the fishroom, but it’ll be a while before I get that done.  I plan to start updating regularly again, though, so keep an eye out!