Filtration Station

filtrationstationNot a whole lot to report in the fishroom, but I did accomplish one thing I’ve been putting off (for no particular reason) for a long time:  I started cycling a few sponge filters so that I’ll be ready for any new fish I happen to acquire in the near future.

To get the filters cycled, I filled a filter media bag with some dried river shrimp (and a few stones, to weight it down) and put it in a tank with three sponge filters running off a single Tetra Whisper air pump.

The filters I use are sold under a couple of different brands on Amazon — I don’t know if one is a knockoff of the other, or if they’re made by the same people but branded differently for different regions.  I’ve been using one in my Fluval Chi for a few months, and I’m happy with it.

They can be found on Amazon under the “Jardin” brand or under the XY-2831 label.

I review these filters in the video below:

Disclaimer: This is an unsolicited, unsponsored review. The seller or product manufacturer has not reimbursed me in any way for this review. My opinions are my own; your mileage may vary.