I’m still here… with the angels!

It’s been over two months since I updated, and a lot has happened in that time.  Some of it has been great, but some of it — unfortunately — hasn’t.

Let’s cover the good news first.

IMG_0145 (2000x833)

My 55-gallon tank is going really well!  I have three beautiful angelfish zipping around, trying to steal food from the peppered cories while avoiding my camera like the plague.  I’ve added several java ferns to the tank and recently pulled out a few hundred pounds’ worth of anacharis so the angels would have room to swim around.

There’s also a nice, healthy colony of algae on the back glass, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, right?

In other news:

I’ve got a clutch of mystery snail eggs ordered.  I’m excited about that, especially since… and this is where the bad news starts… I lost all of the mystery snails I had last year.  One of them had been looking a little under-the-weather, and then he died shortly after I tried moving him to a larger tank.  The others died around the same time due to a filter malfunction.

A filter issue also nearly claimed the life of my little Macbeth.  A piece of gravel got sucked up into the intake of the Tetra internal filter in Macbeth’s tank.  It slowed the water flow to almost nothing, causing an ammonia spike.  Macbeth was so weak from the toxicity, he couldn’t fight even the weak water flow and got sucked up against the filter intake.  Apparently, his anal fin worked its way past the gravel and was almost completely torn off by the impeller.

I found him barely in time to save him.  I actually thought he was dead until I cut power to the filter — he swam away from it, weakly.  I dosed Prime to detox the ammonia and got the filter running again.  He was swimming normally a day or two later, and now (this happened a few weeks ago) his anal fin has grown quite a bit.  He’s even built a small bubble nest within the last week or so.

So, yeah… things are happening.  Work has gotten less overwhelming lately, so I’m hoping to have more to report in the near future.  Thanks for reading!