New Critters!

Harlequin RasboraSo on Saturday, I got the chance to pick up one of the schools I’ve been planning to put in my 55-gallon community since before I even owned the tank:  harlequin rasboras.

I was surprised at how small they are — I normally see them bigger than the 3/4-inch size I picked these up — but with clean water and good food, they should grow out nicely during their quarantine period.

They’re very active (and frustratingly hard to photograph because of that) and seem comfortable enough in the quarantine tank.  I got a pretty decent video of them schooling around:

I also received the small clutch of mystery snail eggs I’d been expecting.  I’ve got them set up on a piece of plastic mesh above a breeding net.  Hopefully when (if) they hatch, the net will catch most of them.

Mystery snail hatcheryMystery snail egg clutch