Review – Everspace

Note: I did receive this product for free, but it was a gift from a friend, not the developer/publisher/etc.

I’ve played a fair few indie roguelike (or rogue-lite) games, and I still have a hard time believing that Everspace is indie – and it doesn’t really feel like most roguelikes I’ve played, either.


Graphics are smooth, detailed, and beautiful. Not every system is as spectacular as what you see in the promotional materials, but they all look good.

Combat and controls are fluid and responsive. Even just using a mouse and keyboard, I can dogfight more effectively than I can in a lot of spaceflight games using a flight stick.

If you enjoy space sims, Everspace is going to quickly and efficiently scratch a lot of itches for you. Enjoy mining? There’s enough mining to be satisfying without being tedious. Enjoy dogfighting? It’s easy to find here. Enjoy exploring and treasure hunting? Welcome aboard. Ship upgrades? Check check check.


As far as roguelike vs. roguelite, the “lite” features are mostly that you can accumulate upgrades for your pilot and for each specific ship that will roll over from one run to the next. Weapons and such won’t roll over, but permanent “perks” like increased energy capacity can be purchased with credits. Other than these perks, you start fresh each run, on a randomly generated set of maps.

The death-and-respawn nature of the roguelike genre is even explained in the game lore, which you piece together as you make it farther and farther through the game.

There’s a lot more that I could say about it, but Everspace is a really fun game if any of the following describe you:

1. You are looking to break into roguelikes for the first time.
2. You are experienced with roguelikes but are looking for something more immersive.
3. You enjoy spaceflight games.
4. You WOULD enjoy spaceflight games if they weren’t so slow-paced.
5. You enjoy short but fairly intense gameplay sessions.
6. You are generally awesome and have good taste in games. 😉